ISHA Skopje Autumn Seminar 2018


When thinking about music, one fact seldom crosses our mind: technically- in a very literal way- it doesn’t exist. At least, it doesn’t exist in the material way in which we are used to seeing things. A painting, a sculpture or a photograph can physically exist, while music is just air hitting the eardrum in a slightly different way than it would randomly. Somehow that air- which has almost no substance whatsoever- when moved and when made to hit the eardrum in tiny subtle ways- can awaken profound emotions in the heart of the listener. Therein lies the true significance of music. It can make us feel things and do things, it can make us move in a certain way, and more importantly, think in a certain way. For something that, as we said, don’t physically exist, it sure can do a lot. Because of this, music has been a faithful companion to humankind even before historical times, as one of the most primal and fundamental aspects of human culture, with many researches even arguing that music (at least in its primitive form) predates language itself.
The development of civilization went hand in hand with the evolution of music, which through the ages took many different forms, gained many new aspects and together with that, found many new places where it can play a major role in the process of shaping the world as we know it today. And as historians, we can all agree that this role cannot go unnoticed.
We are very pleased to invite you to take part of the path towards a deeper understanding of the development of music, its many aspects and its impact on history.

Information about the seminar:

The event will host 60 participants, the list of whom will be published on the 15th of August. The participation fee will be 80 Euros for the seminar. This will include accommodation, three meals per day, public transport, a day trip to Marko’s Monastery established in the 14th century and guided tours in Skopje.

The participants will be selected according to the following criteria:

1) the academic quality of the applications;
2) at least one active member per local section

The descriptions for the workshops will be uploaded soon.